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The NDP focuses on shaping the new development needs of our area in a positive and sustainable manner. It contains maps, lists and policies relating to practical things such as:


Provisions of walking and cycle routes

The FESNDP fully supports the development of the Dean Forest Greenway creating an off-road track to Parkend to Lydney


Flood Management 

The River Lyd runs through Parkend and Whitecroft towards Lydney and is prone to flooding at numerous points. This has been exacerbated in recent times through the impact of climate change and clearing operations by Forestry England. Storm Dennis in February 2020 led to three roads being flooded in Parkend with the only operational route out of the village being Yorkley Road.  There is a river level gauge on the outskirts of the village marked on the map by a green circle.

Click the links to see the report of the 2020 floods and a map showing the area involved.

Flooding 2020       River Lyd map     



The Forest of Dean is a very popular tourist destination and our villages have a high profile for accommodation and activities, This has implications for preserving and developing the infrastructure necessary to support the local community and also the number of visitors we welcome. See more details in this report.

Tourism Report



More information will be added to each of these topics shortly

  • Design of housing
  • Traffic management
  • Identification of sites for housing and facilities
  • Affordable housing 
  • Sustainable and adaptable housing
  • Local green spaces e.g. wildlife, recreation and landscape areas, new allotments etc.