Forest Edge South NDP

Where we are now…

Covid has really impacted on our progress in bringing the NDP together.  Whilst it may seem from the outside that progress has stagnated, this is not the case.  In some ways the pandemic has seen some significant changes to the area. Growth in nearby towns and more freedoms is bringing more people into the area, the boom in visitor numbers (especially this year) has shown added pressures on the resources and environs as well as having an impact environmentally.  These considerations have allowed us to re-consider the approach to policy formation for the NDP.

The Steering Group has continued to meet, albeit by Zoom.  We have completed all the Character Assessments, a whole raft of draft policies, continued working with the Greenway Multi-Use Track Project, begun work on identifying potential small development sites for housing, work and community use as well as listing important green spaces              - and most importantly, contracted two sets of consultants to bring everything together into a working document for the next public consultation.

AECOM have been recently appointed to conduct an up-to-date housing needs assessment and they are due to report in January.  Their findings will be woven into the draft policies and the body of the final document being prepared by our planning consultant, DLP.

We are hopeful that this document will be ready to share this Spring.  So please keep an eye open for it – and continue using this web-site and social media for updates on progress.