What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is a document which relates to land use and planning issues. It is produced by people in the community for their community.

Forest Edge South covers these Forest of Dean villages –  Parkend, Yorkley, Pillowell, Oldcroft & Viney Hill and Whitecroft and is the vision for planning, policies, land allocation and also defining specific facilities for each distinct area which will be reflected in the final plan.

When it has gone through all the required stages, including examination and referendum, the NDP becomes a statutory document. It will be referred to when planning applications are received for the geographic area covered by the Plan.



Housing Needs Survey has now closed and will be published as part of the NDP documentation

Dean Forest Greenway Planning Application has been resubmitted to Forest of Dean District Council and a decision is awaited.

FESNDP Updates -  Jan 2022    Nov 2021    

Since the Autumn we have made good progress despite the obvious setbacks and hurdles. 

Both funding and Technical Support packages were secured from Locality in the Autumn and work is well under way on the Housing Needs Assessment, Housing Needs Survey and the Design Code – the Assessment and the Design Code will be carried out by AECOM on behalf of Locality. 

The Surveys will be going out shortly (work carried out by DLP) and a draft Housing Needs Assessment has been reviewed by the Steering Group. 

We also had a very successful visit on the 18th January from AECOM who came to meet members of the Steering Group and to get to know the FES area in detail and first hand.  The members of staff were excellent in their preparation, their interaction with us and the area, and their commitment to ascertain the important elements needed to produce a specific Design Code for our unusual area - we are very much looking forward to seeing a draft of their work soon.

The coming months will see the Assessment, Survey and Design Code completed and we will then be in a position to bring the Draft Plan together for Consultation – an exciting prospect indeed.



1. Dean Forest Greenway - a safe multi-use off-road route between Parkend and Lydney

Have a look at the planning application and make your comments at 

https://www.fdean.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planning-permission/view-planning-applications/ with the reference P1913/21/FUL.


2. Green Open Spaces - Why is an Open Space important ?

Access to a network of high quality open spaces and opportunities for sport and physical activity is important for the health and well-being of communities, and can deliver wider benefits for nature and support efforts to address climate change.
The Forest of Dean District Council (FODDC) Local plan identifies already allocated areas but we would like to hear of other areas to be added.
The Local Green Space designation should only be used where the green space is:
 (a) in reasonably close proximity to the community it serves;
 (b) demonstrably special to a local community and holds a particular local significance, for example because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value     including as a playing field), tranquillity or richness of its wildlife; and
 (c) local in character and is not an extensive tract of land.
Please share your suggestions of open spaces and what it is currently used for; it might only be a meeting place for a group or sportsfield etc
Many thanks


3. Creating a landscape character assessment 

  • If you like taking photos, or know where the little details are that make our area so unique, or walk the paths that only locals use - we could use your expertise.  

  • What does your village look like as you approach it (from all directions)?

  • Where are the first places you can see the village (walking or driving)?

  • Where are the best views of the Church, chapel, school etc. from?

  • Where do the paths lead and how do you get round on foot or bike?

  • Can you map the ironworks (drain covers etc.) especially if they show local companies?

  • Can you produce a route through the village safely on foot and suitable for visitors with things to look for?

  • Is there a safe off-road route between each village?

  • Do you have a special view from your garden that can’t be seen from the road?

If you are interested please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring Sharon 01594 562187, Elaine 01594 563479 or Steve 01594 562638 


NDP focus areas

The NDP focuses on shaping the new development needs of our area in a positive and sustainable manner.

It contains maps, lists and policies relating to practical things such as:

• provision of walking and cycling routes

• design of buildings

• tourism 

• traffic management

• identification of sites for housing and facilities

affordable housing

sustainable and adaptable housing

• flood management

local green spaces e.g. wildlife, recreation and landscape areas,  new allotments

Proposals for a Dean Forest Greenway from Parkend to Lydney
West Dean Parish Council together with Greenways and Cycleroutes Limited October 2020

Outline of proposal with Location Plangreenway map

The Dean Forest Greenway Project runs for 5.8kms from its start near the Fountain Inn at Parkend to its end on the Co-Op path in Lydney.

The Greenway will be built to the same standard as the family trail at Beechenhurst and will be designed to provide a safe and attractive route for pedestrians and cyclists connecting Lydney to the heart of the Forest of Dean.

The route will be traffic free over its whole length, save for 3 road crossings, and will be designed with easy gradients to be suitable for those with wheelchairs. At Norchard a bridge over the railway will provide a link from the Greenway to the station.

The project is being promoted by West Dean Parish Council and is designed and managed by Greenways and Cycleroutes who also designed the Chepstow and Tintern Wye Valley Greenway which opened Easter 2021.


Community Consultation Open Days     

    ndpbanner logo

 A series of open days were held in 2019.

These took place in Parkend Memorial Hall, Yorkley Community Centre and Whitecroft Memorial Hall.

Visitors were able to see the accumulated work carried out to investigate Housing, The Arts, Transport, Business and Economy, Health, Wellbeing and Community Organisations. 

At each venue, surveys were distributed, completed and collated about what people thought of the area and what their priorities were. This consultation has helped to create the structure for the NDP.based on comments received. 

Click here to view the Community consultation summary report

 We were hoping to continue these but Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have stopped group meetings.

We will be using social media and other means to engage with the community.

parkend1 Parkend Memorial Hall whitecroft3 Whitecroft Memorial Hall yorkley1 Yorkley Community Centre

What have we achieved so far

The community have helped by taking on various tasks, filling in surveys, being part of the steering group and helping to produce our draft policies.


What did people think about business and community activities?

 See more


Check out the minutes from Steering Group  meetings           

See more


 We have engaged DLP to help us write the Draft Plan.

Aecom are carrying out the Housing Needs Survey

and Design Code assessment on behalf of Locality. 

See what other things DLP have done.

Character Assessments

Local people joined steering group members to carry out an

activity where styles, landscape, buildings, streetscape,

roads etc of each village were recorded with photo evidence.

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  What do people have to say?

What is important to you about our villages?


"I love living in Yorkley. I have lived here all my life. I love the closeness of the woods where you can take lovely walks. Having the community centre and park which is greatly improved for the small children. It’s a quiet place and people are friendly. We have a good health centre, school and post office."


 "The forest is a unique, beautiful place to live. It is quiet, the wildlife is special, the green areas, and range of house styles/locations all contribute to the overall wonderful place. Also villagers are mostly friendly and if one wishes to get involved in local groups, activities etc. you can easily make new friends and acquaintances."


"The people, the community - much of what is available to take part in or join. The environment is stunning - no need to get in a car to be able to experience the forest can do it on foot or on push bike." 


"This area is calm and relaxing. The birds are chirping and lots of fresh air and the grown- ups sit on the bench."

Primary School student


"The woods are lovely and I love going outside in the fresh air. I enjoy the things you can do in this area. To be honest, I don't really
want much to change. The forest is amazing!!!"

Primary School student


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